What conversations are you not having?

About mental health counseling:

Mental Health Counseling is one of the types of talk therapy in which the client and the therapist work together to address the client's concerns. There are a variety of styles of therapy, including psychodynamic, family systems therapy, and cognitive behavioral or solution-focused therapy, just to name a few.  Often the client and therapist work together to decide which style would best suit the needs of the client.  Sessions are usually held weekly and can be a one-time event or may last a period of months.  Often, sessions will be less frequent as the client sees progress in the issue(s) they are addressing.

One of the most common reasons people seek counseling is for relationship problems.  Most relationships have rough spots at times and, often, the solution is to change the way each other speaks and listens to the other.  Many couples experience positive changes in their relationship after a few counseling sessions. 

Other reasons people might seek counseling:  depression, anxiety, parenting, eating disorders, stress, to improve relationships with family members, coworkers or friends, trauma recovery, adjustment to divorce or death, decision-making, to improve relationship skills or, simply, personal growth.

Seeking the guidance of a counselor does not mean one is "mentally ill."  Most people have a hard time being objective about their situations. Many benefit from the objective observations and suggestions of a neutral third party and find counseling very helpful.